The social security institute – Long-Term Care benefit

The social security institute – Long-Term Care benefit

The long term care benefit is for elderly who wish to stay in their own home and need different type of assistance and care. This benefit has a direct connection to the option of a person to receive a permit to hire a foreign caregiver, although it is important to remember that you can enjoy the benefit without hiring a foreign caregiver.

Conditions for long-term care benefits:

  1. care benefits checklistAn Israeli citizen in retirement age
  2. The person is living in his house – not in a nursing house or any other institute.
  3. An income threshold – according to the SSI a person’s income will determine if they are entitled to the benefit and how high it will be.
  4. Double benefits – in most cases a person cannot receive more than one benefit.
  5. ADL assessment (Activities of Daily Living) – a person’s dependency on others in terms of ADL and supervisions (are they in danger to himself or others).


The fifth criteria is measured by a professional behalf of the SSI. The assessment is a functional assessment and should determine how dependent is a person on others and how much supervision he/she needs. The number of points gained in the assessment will determine how high will the benefit be and for how long.
The minimum points needed in order to receive a permit to hire a foreign caregiver is 4.5.
It is important to know! The results of the ADL assessment are not final and can be appealed up to three months after receiving them.

Once receiving the assessment result from the SSI a person can apply to the Population and Immigration Authority in order to receive a permit to hire a foreign caregiver. The application can be done throughout the form in the following link:

Hiring a foreign caregiver is only allowed after receiving a permit from the Interior ministry (Population and Immigration Authority), without such permit both employer and employee are breaking the law!


Remember, we are here for you for any question or inquiry. All you have to do is register to the website and we will contact you and do our best to ease your process of hiring a foreign caregiver as well as help you throughout the employment period itself. This website is working with a third party according to manpower regulation, all contacts between an employer and an employee will be made by this third party in every specific country.