Population and Immigration Authority

Population and Immigration Authority

When a person is interested in receiving a permit to hire a foreign caregiver but doesn’t meet any of the terms and criteria described in the previous pages (Elderly, Disability or minors), he/she can contact directly to the Population and Immigration Authority.

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The process of receiving a permit to hire a foreign caregiver from the Population and Immigration Authority directly and not through other governmental departments involves taking an ADL assessment by the Population and Immigration Authority. The ADL assessment is actually the same assessment being made by the SSI and its purpose is to evaluate how dependent is a person on others – what is their level of function in everyday life activities.

In those cases the application for a permit to hire a foreign caregiver and the application to have the ADL assessment can be done throughout the forms in the following links:


Hiring a foreign caregiver is only allowed after receiving a permit from the Interior ministry (Population and Immigration Authority), without such permit both employer and employee are breaking the law!



Remember, we are here for you for any question or inquiry. All you have to do is register to the website and we will contact you and do our best to ease your process of hiring a foreign caregiver as well as help you throughout the employment period itself. This website is working with a third party according to manpower regulation, all contacts between an employer and an employee will be made by this third party in every specific country.