Hire a foreign worker in Australia

Hire a foreign worker in Australia

Australia as many immigration countries, allows entrance of immigrant in various profession and occupations. Thoghu, as a potential employer that wish to hire a foreign worker in the nursing care or domestic care there are two options.

Hire a foreign worker that are in Australia

This option is valid for foreigners that hold one of the following visa types:

  1. Student visa
  2. Holidays visa – Temporary visa, valid on holidays time only
  3. Refugees visa – type 866 or 200s.
  4. Skilled worker visa – type 457

Hire a foreign worker that is not in Australia

This option refers to skilled worker visa (type 457) and is limited to four years. This application can be done on 2 ways:

  1. Independently – the potential employer will pay all the process and visa expenses.
  2. Through work agreement between countries – the Australian government allows to hire a foreign worker unders specific program that is based on agreement between countries. In this case the employer’s conduct is a contract with the state.


When an potential employer is asking to hire an au-pair the first category described is the only option.



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