Exceptions- temporary permit

Exceptions – temporary permit

There are cases when a person need a foreign caregiver for 24 hours as soon as possible. Therefore, the population and immigration authority has defined in what cases a person can receive a temporary permit to hire a foreign caregiver.

Conditions for receiving a temporary permit to hire a foreign caregiver:

  1. Terminal illness – by presenting medical document on a terminal illness a person can receive a permit to hire a foreign caregiver. The permit is given without the need to have an ADL assessment but is given to a period of six months.
  2. Chronical illness – a person who suffers from a chronical illness and needs supervision for most hours of the day (upon submitting relevant medical documents).
  3. A person who should be discharged from the hospital / nursing home and needs constant supervision / care. By presenting a medical diagnosis from the hospital / nursing home doctor mentioning the need for constant supervision / care as well as the approximate date of release, a person can receive a permit to hire a foreign caregiver. This type of permit is given for a period of 3 months.


It is important to mention! When it comes to a temporary permit (six months or less) a person can only hire a caregiver that is already in Israel and has a valid visa.
In all the cases described above the application for a permit to hire a foreign caregiver can be done throughout the forms in the following links:

Hiring a foreign caregiver is only allowed after receiving a permit from the Interior ministry (Population and Immigration Authority), without such permit both employer and employee are breaking the law!


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