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Courses and training for caregivers

The caregiver’s job has changed drastically over the years due to the increase in life expectancy. Care for another person especially an elderly one gives a caregiver many challenges. That is why, many countries set different standards system in the care sector in general and in the nursing care in specific..

Different standards, different countries

In spite of the difference between different countries, it doesn’t mean that you as a caregiver should compromise on your training, on the tools and skills you need to work and provide the best care possible.

This site attempts to uphold the statement “In the place where there are no man, you shall strive to be a man” (Pirkei Avot, Chapter 2). As noted, the caring world for the elderly  in Israel acaregivers trainingnd other Western countries is unfortunately characterized by lack of long-term planning.

The solutions offered by various governmental offices were directed to a short-term solution – ‘extinguish burning fires’ without any global or long-term thinking of the wide range of needs, especially, because of the growing population of third and fourth age.

The current situation teaches us that there is no real preparation for skilled nursing staff – starting from geriatric doctors, specialized nurses in elderly care and caregivers.


We at the site have committed ourselves to try to promote the issue of expertise in the elderly care of foreign workers. As a company that has been committed  for many years in the field of vocational training in nursing, we decided to promote those foreign workers who are able and willing to learn and improve in everything related to the field of the elderly care.

Caregivers training

Through this website 4caregivers you will be able to take different types of training programs, whether they are required by the local law or for your personal and professional development starting from basic CPR course and up to internationally recognized courses with different specialities – care for Alzheimer patients, care for Parkinson patients, care for cancer patients, care for disabled people, care for children and more.


In fact, the site provides a new and unique platform for foreign workers who register in it as a training center in everything related to vocational programs. Every foreign worker registered in this  site is referred to a relevant training program that interests him in the field of elderly care.

The different courses and training programs are made to help you as a caregiver gain skills and knowledge on all aspects of individual care – disabled, children, elderly and more. Moreover, those training programs are there to help you understand your obligations as a caregiver as well as your rights during your employment period.

In order to get more information and details regarding various courses and training programs in a specific country all you have to do is register for free to 4caregivers, In addition to your registration on the site you will be joined to a training and support group. The group will provide you free information about the various training options and courses as well as numerous tools and skills to deal with the nursing care for every day  work.



Remember, we are here for you for any question or inquiry. All you have to do is register to the website and we will contact you and do our best to ease your process of hiring a foreign caregiver as well as help you throughout the employment period itself. This website is working with a third party according to manpower regulation, all contacts between an employer and an employee will be made by this third party in every specific country.