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Foreign Workers Rights

Working as a caregiver involves clear rules and regulations according to the labour law in each country. Whether you are a foreign caregiver or a local caregiver the same rules and regulations apply to you.
4Caregives is here for you to help you understand and apply all the process of your employment in a proper and legal way. Furthermore, by simple and free registration you will be able to receive all the rules and regulations of the country that you’re currently working or would like to work in.

General employee and caregivers rights:

It is important to remember that every country has a slight difference in the rules and regulations regarding amount and time periods!caregivers rights

  1. Salary – the caregiver salary will be according to the minimum salary in the country at the specific sector.
  2. Weekly rest day – an employee is entitled to a weekly rest day according to his religion and beliefs.
  3. Annual Leave – Each employee is entitled to paid annual leave according to his/her seniority and the local rules.
  4. Sick days – Each employee is entitled to sick days according to their seniority and the local law, upon providing a medical document.
  5. Compensation – An employee is entitled to compensation according to their seniority and the local labour law.
  6. Advance notice – Every termination of employment must have a proper advance notice, whether is is from the employer’s behalf or the employee. The period of time of the advance notice will be according to the employee seniority and the local labour law.
  7. Health insurance – The employer has an obligation to provide a health insurance for the employee starting from the first day of their employment.
  8. Employment contract – both employer and employee must have a written employment contract in a language they both understand.


As mentioned, the labor law in every country changes according to the local law and the sector in which the worker is in.
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